Who we are

Rabobank is a cooperative bank with a mission. For 125 years, we have been dedicated to working with our customers, members and partners to create a future-proof society that can overcome important social challenges. Our starting point has always been that together we can achieve more than we can alone.

In the late nineteenth century, inventive farmers and horticulturalists in the Netherlands combined their strengths in our cooperative bank. They were not stockholders but members working together on structural solutions for the challenges of the day. We are still doing this today with more than 43,000 employees (FTE) in 38 countries. Our international focus is on the Food & Agri sector. In the Netherlands, we offer private and commercial customers a wide variety of financial products. Rabobank Group also includes BPD, Obvion and DLL which, respectively, provide our customers real estate, mortgage, and leasing solutions. What matters to society is what is most important to us.

How can we strengthen and future-proof our shared living environment so that people can make choices about what’s important to them, now and in the future? That’s where our mission “Growing a better world together” comes in. The biggest contemporary challenge we face is to become more sustainable: in how we live, work, and produce food. Therefore, our focus is on three global transitions: the food transition, climate & energy transition and the transition to a more inclusive society. We also invest part of our profits in local communities to improve the living environment. Our members decide how this “cooperative dividend” is allocated.

Our cooperative mentality is the basis for seeking solutions that benefit us all: they help to make our customers, society and the world around us better. We build on our knowledge and share it. We’re both nearby and online. We use our network to learn from each other and improve one another. And we are continuously developing our financial offerings to fund solutions for today’s challenges. Some problems are too big to tackle alone. If that’s the case, we join forces with our customers and partners as well as governments and other stakeholders. We believe that close connections between government, society, and business are essential to addressing societal issues together.

Our Focus

Big transitions shape the world we live in. As a cooperative bank rooted in the world of food and in the Netherlands, we focus on the key transitions that we can have an impact on through our propositions. We can shape these propositions by offering products and services, as well as our network and knowledge, to our customers. A significant and urgent shift in the following transitions is needed to leave a better world for future generations.

A More Sustainable Way to Feed the Growing World Population

A more sustainable way to feed the growing world population (Food Transition) is a crucial transition, encompassing many Sustainable Development Goals. After the Climate Challenge, it is one of the most pressing and complex challenges the world faces.

Proposition: Sustainable Food
Sustainable food is a fundamental part of our international Banking for Food strategy. We aim to play a prominent role in the public debate on the food transition. Our networks allow us to connect producers with consumers. Our knowledge allows us to actively participate in roundtables on sustainability within selected agribusiness value chains worldwide.

Climate Change and the Transition Toward More Sustainable Energy Supply and Consumption

Climate change and the transition toward a more sustainable energy supply (Climate & Energy Transition) is urgently needed to address the climate change currently underway, and to suppress the negative effects it is already creating. Two types of measures are needed to achieve this transition, mitigation and adaptation, even if we achieve the requirements as laid out in the Paris agreement. Climate Change mitigation requires a shift towards sustainable energy production, as well as lower energy consumption, both by industries and individuals. This transition also requires a more sustainable use of the planet's other resources, and a move towards a more circular economy.

Proposition: Sustainable Growth and Energy Supply
We stimulate sustainable growth for companies. In cooperating with innovative customers and social partners on ambitious sustainability projects, we aim to inspire others to increase sustainability in their own value chains. We aim to help our clients realize a more circular economy. Under this theme we also aim to become the “bank of the energy transition,” building on our already prominent role in financing sustainable energy projects.

Proposition: Sustainable Living in the Netherlands
We aim to accelerate the shift towards sustainable living for people with a particular focus on accelerating the move towards sustainable housing, through increasing efficiency in energy supply and consumption.

A More Inclusive Society

Low income, shrinking support networks and diminishing economic solidarity combined with the impact that digitization has on society are eroding social cohesion. These factors contribute to a more individualistic society, increased social stress and reduced financial well-being, particularly among the most vulnerable in society. Manifestations of this priority area of a number of the Sustainable Development Goals are also present in the Netherlands, the country in which we have a prominent retail banking operation.

Proposition: Financial Well-being
Given our role as a cooperative retail bank in the Netherlands, we aim to stimulate financial well-being for our customers and the communities in which we operate. This is our contribution towards creating an inclusive society in which people are more self-reliant.

Proposition: Affordable and Sustainable Renting
In the housing market in the Netherlands, there are insufficient affordable and sustainable rental homes available for middle-income households. Together with our subsidiary BPD, we want to contribute to a solution to this problem through the BPD Housing Fund, by building these houses and renting them out to this target group.

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