Rabobank contributes to making the Netherlands more sustainable

Rabobank is involved in many initiatives to make the Dutch agricultural sector more innovative and sustainable.

Ekoland Innovatieprijs (Ekoland Innovation Award)

The Ekoland Innovatieprijs (Ekoland Innovation Award) is designed to provide an extra boost to innovation in organic farming. The award is open to organic crop farmers engaged in special initiatives to help promote or improve the production, sale and consumption of organic products. As part of its ongoing efforts to promote innovation in the agricultural industry, Rabobank is the main sponsor of the Ekoland Innovatieprijs.

Sustainable Livestock Farming Implementation Agenda

A partnership between the Dutch business community, civil society organisations and the government, the Sustainable Livestock Implementation Agenda (Uitvoeringsagenda Duurzame Veehouderij - UDV) is dedicated to promoting sustainable practices in livestock farming. The aim of the partnership is to help Dutch livestock farmers establish a leading position in all areas by 2023. Farms that meet this ‘leading’ standard as defined by the partners demonstrate respect for people, animals and the environment in their practices, including the impact of Dutch livestock farming elsewhere in the world, while at the same time maintaining their competitive strength. Rabobank is one of UDV’s partners.

Biodiversity of Dutch meadows

Rabobank and its partners the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) and dairy cooperative FrieslandCampina are committed to improving the biodiversity of Dutch meadows. A rich soil life, with worms and insects, is essential to the land, to farmers and to meadow birds. We are currently working with FrieslandCampina to explore ways of ensuring that farmers who make biodiversity an integral part of their operations can also reap the financial benefits of their efforts.

Rabo Impact Loan

Sustainable businesses: investing at a reduced interest rate The Rabo Impact Loan is a low-interest business loan created especially for sustainable businesses. Companies that have taken a leading role in sustainable business and that have one of the selected sustainability characteristics are known as ‘sustainable frontrunners’. These businesses have a positive impact on the environment and society. Since Rabobank and the European Investment Bank (EIB) aim to give an extra boost to sustainable business, these frontrunners pay less interest on their loans.

Circular economy

Rabobank, ABN Amro and ING Bank have teamed up together with the objective of accelerating the transition to a circular economy. They advocate the urgency of such a conversion in the Netherlands, as a circular economy would reduce the dependence of Dutch businesses on raw materials as well as cut back the production of waste. The three partner banks intend to accelerate the transition to a circular economy by combining their insights into circular business models with their expertise in financial products and risk management. They are joined in their efforts by customers, research and educational institutions and the government.

CE Challenge

Local Rabobanks throughout the Netherlands are involved in organising regional CE Challenges, giving dozens of businesses the opportunity to initiate efforts towards transitioning to a circular economy (CE). Rabobank is challenging businesses this year to join it in identifying and capitalising on opportunities offered by circular enterprise. These businesses are spread across ten regions in the Netherlands and a variety of industries. The CE Challenge is an initiative of Rabobank in conjunction with regional and national knowledge partners.