Climate change is a significant issue that will impact the long-term prosperity of our economy and way of life. We recognize the importance of limiting global warming to less than two degrees and that to do this, global emissions need to reach net zero in the second half of this century. We acknowledge that climate change is creating risk and opportunities for our clients, our communities, and also for our bank. We are committed to the goals of the Paris Agreement and consider it a shared responsibility to take action. We have also signed the Commitment of the Dutch Financial Sector to the Dutch Climate Agreement.

Rabobank is working together with customers and partners on climate solutions, including developing a Climate Program. We want to play a facilitating role by providing banking solutions to clients who want to make their businesses more sustainable. In addition to reducing the banking sector’s carbon footprint, Rabobank focuses on climate and sustainability transitions within the sectors it finances: food and agriculture, energy, industry and housing.

Our climate report provides an overview of our climate commitments. It details our approach and the progress we have made so far, and outlines our goals and ambitions for the future.

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