Sustainably successful together

Future-proof living, housing and enterprise, with enough food for everyone. We want to contribute to achieving these goals. That’s why, as a cooperative bank, we empower our customers and their environment by offering financial solutions, knowledge and access to networks. In this way we stimulate the transition to a sustainable world in which concern for people, nature and the climate goes hand in hand with new earnings models.

"We believe that achieving a more sustainable world requires an inclusive approach. Not every client arrives at the bank as a perfect model of sustainability. We meet our clients where they currently are, offering them the knowledge, networks and finance to attain a more and more sustainable business."

Bas Rüter, Director of Sustainability

Transition to sustainable housing and real estate

Our approach to sustainable housing, construction and renovations is geared towards saving money and energy.

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Transition to a sustainable food and agricultural sector

Rabobank works together with the whole value chain to facilitate a sustainable food system.

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Transition to sustainable energy is the wave of the future

Rabobank invests in green energy and help clients become more sustainable.

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Transition to circular entrepreneurship

Rabobank works with entrepreneurs to let them benefit from the changes and opportunities of the circular economy.

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