Sustainability: strategy and policy

Future-proof living, housing and business development, with enough healthy food for everyone. These are key areas where Rabobank aims to make a difference.

As a cooperative bank, sustainability is integrated into all our business operations. Our inclusive approach is aimed at making customers and stakeholders more sustainable, step by step. We use our financial solutions, industry knowledge and networks to empower clients to future-proof their activities, homes and businesses.

Transition to a sustainable world

Driven by our cooperative mentality, we work together on solutions that benefit everyone: solutions that are good for our customers, society and the world around us. Our goal is to stimulate the transition to a sustainable world in which taking care of people, nature and the climate go hand in hand with new revenue models. We support the Sustainable Development Goals, with a particular focus on contributing to the energy and food transitions and the realization of a circular economy.

Sustainability policy

Our sustainability policy outlines what we expect from our customers and partners with regard to sustainability. It also guides our own business operations. The policy has four components, namely:

  • The overarching policy framework that applies to all our customers and all our products and services;
  • Core policies that apply to all customers and address key environmental, social and administrative issues;
  • Theme-based policies focused on various themes;
  • Sectoral policies concerning specific sectors and production chains.

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