Issuance programs

Rabobank issues funding and capital instruments under various short and long term funding programs as well as on a standalone basis. This page provides an overview of the different programs currently in use as well as several programs, which are no longer in use but under which instruments are still outstanding (i.e. dormant programs).

Covered bonds

ProgramSize (in mn)CurrenciesMore information

Rabobank Covered Bonds

EUR 30,000allProgram documentation

Medium term notes

ProgramSize (in mn)CurrenciesMore information

Rabobank GMTN

EUR 160,000allProgram documentation

Rabobank MTN

USD 30,000allProgram documentation

Rabobank DIP

AUD 15,000AUD, NZDProgram documentation

Certificates of deposit and commercial paper

Size (in mn)Currencies
More information

Rabobank ECP and CD

EUR 40,000all*Program documentation

Rabobank NEU CP

EUR 20,000all*Program documentation

Rabobank New York CP

USD 25,000USDProgram documentation

Rabobank Hong Kong CD

HKD 20,000all*Program documentation
* Please refer to the program documentation for further details and conditions

Other certificates of deposit

Certificates of deposit can also be issued by certain Rabobank branches listed below and separately from the programs listed above. Such certificates of deposits may also be subject to EU bail-in powers and other aspects of the Bank Recovery and Resolution Directive, which powers are recognized and agreed by each holder when buying any of these certificates of deposits and as further detailed in the document below titled “Agreement with respect to the recognition of EU Bail-in Powers and other aspects of Resolution Legislation".

    Rabobank Australia Branch Rabobank London Branch Rabobank New York Branch Rabobank New Zealand Branch

Dormant programs

ProgramSize (in mn)CurrenciesMore information

Rabobank Structured MTN

EUR 15,000allProgram documentation

Rabobank Tier 2*

EUR 30,000allProgram documentation

* This program has been integrated in the GMTN program as of May 2018

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