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Funding and Capital

Coöperatieve Rabobank U.A. (Rabobank) is a leading global borrower in the international financial markets. As a reliable and consistent issuer, Rabobank has continued to secure good market access through the years.

Funding policy

Rabobank's funding policy is low-risk yet proactive, meaning Rabobank approaches markets in a well-considered and steadfast way. Rabobank takes a global diversified approach and issues instruments under various programs or on a standalone basis, in different classes, tenors and over 15 currencies. Short term funding instruments of Rabobank encompass certificates of deposit and commercial paper. Medium and long term funding instruments include non-preferred senior and senior preferred notes as well as covered bonds. Capital securities include Rabobank Certificates, Additional Tier 1 and Tier 2 notes.

Rabobank uses different ways to attract funding. These include public offerings and private placements. Rabobank has access to both institutional and retail investors. Most senior debt issues are successfully executed under the EUR 160 billion Global Medium Term Note (GMTN) Program. Rabobank's public issues in EUR and USD have enabled the bank to build and maintain a full benchmark funding curve.

The links below provide more information about the different instrument classes, issuance programs, and access to final terms of outstanding instruments.

Information on Rabobank Certificates in Dutch

Please click on the link below for information on Rabobank Certificates in Dutch. Klik op de link hieronder voor informatie over Rabobank Certificaten in het Nederlands.

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Search a specific instrument

Please click on the link below to access an overview of instruments issued by Rabobank (including relevant documentation)

Instruments table
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Sustainable funding instruments

To facilitate the issuance of ESG-labelled instruments, Rabobank has a Sustainable Funding Framework in place. More information on Rabobank's sustainable funding instruments

Sustainable funding instruments

Other funding and capital topics

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