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Rabobank has a Sustainable Funding Framework (the “Framework”) in place under which it can issue sustainable instruments in various formats. At Rabobank, sustainability is an integral part of its corporate mission: “Growing a better world together”. This Framework is the result of the bank's ongoing efforts to link sustainability with the way the bank is funded.

Sustainable Funding Framework

The most recent Framework was published in May 2023. This Framework has been simplified and aims to reflect the latest market standards. In comparison to the sustainable funding framework as published in 2021, the 2023 Framework is no longer structured in various sub-frameworks and uses a portfolio approach. An amount equal to the net proceeds of instrument(s) issued under this 2023 Framework will be used to finance and/or refinance, in part or in whole, a portfolio of eligible green assets including renewable energy and green buildings, in accordance with defined eligibility criteria.

In alignment with the ICMA Green Bond Principles (“GBP”), the structure of the Framework follows the four key GBP pillars – use of proceeds, process for project evaluation and selection, management of proceeds, and reporting – and the recommendation of ICMA regarding external review.


Please find below further information in relation to Rabobank's sustainable instruments.

Sustainable financial instruments outstanding

Overview as at 30 June 2023

Type of instrument

(in mn)
EUR equivalent
(in mn)
Allocation to eligible projects

Green bonds

EUR 750EUR 750100%

Green bonds

USD 2,000EUR 1,831100%

TotalEUR 2,581100%
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