Capital Securities

Capital Securities are subordinated notes issued directly by Rabobank. They rank pari passu with the Trust Preferred Securities and senior to Rabobank Certificates. They are classified as hybrid Tier 1 capital.

April 2016EUR 1.25bn 6.625% Perpetual AT1 Securities 
 Offering Circular
January 2015EUR 1.5bn 5.5% Perp. AT1 Contingent Temporary Write Down Capital Securities
Documents incorporated by reference
June 2009Rabobank issued USD 2.9 billion Capital Securities (partly as the result of the exchange of TPS into Capital Securities)
April 2009Rabobank issued NZD 280 million Capital Securities (issued through Rabobank Capital Securities Limited)
June 2008Rabobank issued CHF 350 million Capital Securities

Trust Preferred Securities

Trust preferred Securities are non-voting preferent shares issued by Rabobank Capital Funding Trust II through VI (Rabobank Capital Funding Trust I was redeemed in 2005). The proceeds are indirectly lent on to Rabobank Nederland on a subordinated basis. For Rabobank Nederland, this is hybrid Tier 1 capital.

Oct 2004 Trust Preferred Securities IV GBP 350 mn Dec 2019 XS0203782551/XS0203783286

(Lower) Tier 2

Please find the Tier 2 Programme here

Issues under the Tier 2 programme:

July 2016
July 2015
July 2015
July 2015
July 2015
December 2014
  • JPY 50.8bn 1.429% Subordinated Notes due 2024 (ISIN JP552816AEC3)
May 2014
May 2014
November 2013
November 2013
July 2013
November 2012 
September 2012 
September 2012
November 2010
  • EUR 1 billion, 3.750%, Subordinated Notes due 2020 (ISIN XS0557252417) 
May 2009
  • EUR 1 billion, 5.875%, Subordinated Notes due 2019 (ISIN XS0429484891)


Investor Relations

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Note Programme Documentation

In cases where an issue was done under a programme, the information must be read together with the underlying documents to which reference is made. Please consult the 'Programmes' section to access the programme documentation.