Rabobank Green Bond Framework

Rabobank is committed to helping clients and their communities in achieving sustainability by providing tailored financial services and access to knowledge and networks.

Rabobank has given priority to financing renewable energy since the 1990s. At the end of 2018 our outstanding loans for renewable energy generation worldwide accounted for 81 percent of Rabobank’s total energy generation portfolio. Rabobank is a major financier of onshore and offshore wind turbines, and held per H1 2019 a number one position in the Netherlands, number two position in Europe and top 10 position globally. The bank has acquired extensive experience in financing wind farm projects.

Investors can fund our renewable energy lending activities via Green Bonds. Rabobank has developed a Green Bond Framework under which it can issue Green Bonds that fund solar and wind projects. 

The Rabobank Green Bond Framework follows the ICMA Green Bond Principles and fully aligns with the latest EU standards. The Green Bond contributes to the achievement of global environmental objectives, and adheres to a no harm principles and social safeguards. Additionally, renewable energy projects are categorised by the EU Taxonomy for Sustainable Finance. 

Rabobank Green Bond

Rabobank Green Bond Framework


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